Wedding Photographers ring in the new year!

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Why is the trend of hiring a professional wedding photographer becoming ever more popular these days and certainly for the New Year 2019? Wedding Photographers ring in the new year! Nevertheless, Photography in general is no doubt an art form, just like a painter. Comparatively, the amateur photographer misses the mark and simply hits the shutter. Furthermore, a professional photographer remains approachable and chic. We bring to the table a calming effect to the bride and groom. In other words, a professional photographer creates happy moments and captures the special moments with a sort of ease. Consequently, we are putting the bride and groom in a passionate place about getting photographed.

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Giving these points one can begin to see the logic and reason for the growing trend. Now throw into the mix a strong economy and we can clearly see the wedding industry as a whole will not be slowing down anytime soon. In yet more good news for photographers, wedding budgets are moving up. As a result, wedding wire and the Knot are also reporting s strong predictions for the upcoming season.

Needless to say most photographers are small local folks, working within their zip codes. Most photographers are dedicated, and committed. Brides are expecting much more and the demand for better images is a must. Ultimately the industry is heavily dictated by the marriage rate. Disposable income will also add to the nuptial spending and this is predicted to increase in 2019. Henceforth the potential opportunity for the wedding photography industry is positive.

Millennials are more likely to pay for their own weddings. 18% fewer couples who married last year aged between 25 and 35 were given money from their parents. Despite this the Bride and Groom will foot the bill entirely themselves. Input in wedding planning from Mothers is down to 44% (from 52%), from partner’s Mothers is down to 15% (from 23%) and from Fathers is down to 11% (down from 13%).  Having said this, the couple is put into a position to host their own wedding, and spend their money anyway creative way they wish. These millennials do so enjoy the wow moments the professional photographer can bring to the special day.

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In closing I think trends point to couples today wanting their guest to notice all the effort that had gone into the planning and expense of the wedding day. Overall they have created new ways to engage their guest, and part of this trend includes sharing the extravagant photos. Professional wedding photographers can provide a fabulous customized, personal experience to the wedding. We saw a 10 percent increase in our wedding business in 2018 and all indicators show that we are on track for the same in 2019.

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