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As a St Louis wedding photographer I thought it might be fun to talk Stl wedding locations

As a St Louis wedding photographer I thought it might be fun to talk Stl wedding locations. In any case, I’m writing this blog to highlight some of the locations in and around St Louis. There are for example locations in Stl for great wedding photo ops.

St Louis is blessed with great locations to get those fun and sometimes whimsical wedding shots. Needless to say I have had the privilege to shoot most of these locations over the years. Some can be strategic as most brides are following a time line and the location can play a major role in the time line. Some places can offer you a space for the ceremony and reception.

Likewise you can find reception spaces that have wonderful surroundings for the photo shoot. These can take place at the vineyards or anywhere with trees or garden spots. Analyze your timeline and if you don’t have the time these wedding venues can be a lifesaver. Don’t try and control every detail. Ask your photographer they may have the park or space for the perfect shoot within your timeline. They can also go to the Chapel, Church, and reception area and scope it out for you. 

For example try to personalize your location if possible. What I mean is pick a location that means something to you. It does not always have to be a park. I shoot often Down Town St Louis because of the iconic Arch it can be in the back ground. For example,  Kiener plaza and the Arch grounds themselves are fun places. Needless to say we have the Bush Stadium or Blues Enterprise Center for the photos. Either way, maybe your proposal took place in a park or perhaps a park you both frequent to spend time together. In fact, one couple chose a park because it was when they first met.That is to say, these places can mean more when you have a personal connection. 

At times I find myself advising brides and grooms to rethink their plans due to following a tight time line and not factoring in certain variables. Needless to say I have been shooting in and around St Louis for a long time I know the area well. Consider this,what can go wrong? Traffic in St Louis can he horrific at times and if you get stuck in traffic it can eat up your all your time. Notably, Forest park is one of my favorite places, however if you try to get through it on a Saturday afternoon you may be in for a wait as well. Let’s face it most wedding take place on a Saturday. 

On the other hand, this is why I encourage you to choose an experienced photographer like Dave Hunsche Photography, to discuss the logistics of your plans. That is to say, knowing the Stl market can be added plus to plan that special day. At any rate, Forest Park is a favorite spot because it’s big and offer lots of spots. Needless to say, It is also strategic in location. Again time of day and day itself can cost you time getting in and out.
Tower Grove Park is fun and can get in and out pretty quick. If you have a south city wedding planned.
Laumeier Sculpture Park is a fun spot with lots of sculptures to add to your background, not a ton of spots but fun and easy to get in and out. This park is South city also. 

Bee tree Park was fun lots of photo ops and old building with stone offer a great place to pose.
Ballpark Village is a fun stop and wet your whistle along with some fun shots in and around the building.
Creve Coeur lake Park is fun and the lake offers a great backdrop.
Missouri Botanical Gardens cost a little but the photo ops are boundless also a midtown favorite.
If it’s a Cityscape you’re looking for we have Down Town St Louis Landing, Central west end, and beautiful Down Town St Charles. 

It does not matter what you’re looking for you will find it in St Louis. I will include a link at the bottom for you that will have a ton of Parks to choose from. Even more, I will give a plug to one of my favorite undiscovered venues in St Louis. 

For the purpose of spotlighting a great venue I introduce Garden of Live Spiritual Center located at 9525 Eddie and Park Road easy to find. Needless to say this is a great place for everything. Budget conscience brides take note. You can get married here, reception, and yes a wonderful garden spot for photos. I love this place because it’s a one stop shop. Moreover, the event manager is Christine and I can tell you she is fabulous to work with. That is to say she can help you with your wedding planning. 
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