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This a price guide to choosing a photographer without all the ads.

In reality, research has already been done on this topic. Moreover, I spent a good deal of time myself, with this in mind I know this is not for all brides. I have learned that you shouldn’t try to please everyone. As a result, you end up attracting no one. I’ll start off with the disclaimer that there are talented photographers at all price ranges. Coupled with the fact they have a particular style and finesse. One should always look at the work of the photographer. Having said this, the bride or groom typically begins with investing time reading all the bridal magazines.and looking at the most prestigious corporate websites.
Millennial’s seem to get most of the attention from websites attracting them to advertisers and companies selling wedding products.

Gen Alpha, Gen Z has grown up in the age of technology and digital media; everything is at their touch through mobile technology. However according to critics, we might look beyond typical corporate channels for new wedding options. For example the corporate websites can sometimes give the perception that the paid ads and Photoshop pictures are what your wedding is going to look like if you just spend enough money.

I believe all brides dream about getting the very best photographer with high end magazine quality images. At any rate, the corporate brand has convinced us that the experience is going to match our perception. With this intention, the service will be fabulous because our perception is it must be, look at what the photographer is charging. 

Surprisingly what’s the real value to looking beyond the corporate ads and why look for a local photographer? That’s easy you can keep your hard earned money. The local home grown photographer passes the savings on to you. To clarify, the final analysis I can say that the higher the price the higher the perceived quality just is not true. Additionally by supporting small businesses, like Dave Hunsche Photography, you can expect more, and we can give more. Its important to realize we will deliver stronger customer service, and we can certainly be more flexible with service packages. We can design a package to fit your needs. I’m eager to go above and beyond to make sure your special day is captured. Start with small steps let’s build a relationship and establish trust along the way. We begin this process with the engagement session.

 Never the less there is a lot more involved in creating the perfect memory of your wedding day. Being a solid photo editor is essential, or you have to farm out the post-production, this adds to the cost.
Ask yourself these questions why are they cheaper?
1. What corners are they cutting?
2. Are they using good gear?
3. Are they insured?
4. Do they have the experience?
It’s important to realize if you are satisfied with their style of photography and these areas are good, then look no further.

Keep in mind photographers are running a business and with any business there can be cost involved with running it. Over charging to make your service look better is damaging to the market and to the wedding photography industry.

My final thoughts on the matter are photographers invest a lot of time and money in their craft. Whereas, they do this primarily because they love what they do and of course want to make a buck while doing it. It’s important to realize almost all photographers are passionate about photography and want to get your wedding day right.

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