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In the first place classical style most of the time is photo-journalistic. Reportage wedding photography literally means “to report”. The wedding photographers mix into the photograph events and background as they happen and frequently. In addition you don’t even realize the pictures are being captured. With this in mind I think this style combined with formal or classical style is the best way to shoot a wedding. I like to do a bit of both giving direction and letting things happen. Classical style wedding photography captures the typical wedding day. On the positive side pictures which include the remarkable moments of the wedding day, such as signing the marriage contract. Not to mention  exchanging of rings, cutting of the cake, family groups, tossing the garter and much more. I think posing the family around the bride and groom makes remarkable results.

This classical style of wedding photography is the most difficult to complete. In fact, it takes years of skill and knowing and working with lighting, not to mention fast reaction to professionally capture a ceremony in this form. Keep in mind one without the other is your choice and I have shot all three, so please keep dave hunsche photography in mind when planning your special day.


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