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I’m sitting here thinking about my next year bookings and I’m wondering and thinking what about the 2019 Stl wedding Photography trends.

So one of the most nerve racking things is what are my brides going to expect this year. As a result of this stress I began doing my research. My main takeaway was brides want what they read and see in the bridal magazines, not only…but also what they hear and see in advertisements. Let’s look into to those areas and figure out what we need to focus on this year. Needless to say there is a lot of material to work with.

Stl Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots 

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Although not new but uniquely trending are within the top four. With this in mind let’s look at the first trend, pre-wedding photo shoots. So exactly what is the pre-wedding photography? Pre-wedding photo shoot’s are a growing trend  where the couple decides to get some photos taken in a special location before the wedding day. Although the pre-wedding shoot is somewhat of a  new trend it did originate from Asia.  I would have to say this is one of my favorites, it’s important to realize I get more time to work with the bride and groom, therefore more images. Technically if we do the shoot the day before the wedding the groom is not seeing the bride in her wedding dress on (the day of the wedding) but rather the day before, or done with different clothes. With this in mind we stay current with the tradition.

Some of these shoots take place at exotic locations and can go on for days; they can take place three to six months before the wedding in regular clothing.  Needless to say those shoots can get very expensive, adding to the  average cost of wedding photography for this reason we will stick with the day before. All things considered I believe  time could be shaved off the wedding day.  The bride and groom pictures are taken the day before. It’s Important to realize the pre-wedding can be staged with props like your dogs, or something special that you can’t bring to your wedding day.

Regardless of your situation it’s worth a look and consequently will be your choice in the end. If this trend is not your choice that’s Ok your special day will be perfect, the most compelling evidence with be your uncompromising love for one another.  /contact

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