Congratulations you’re getting married. there will be overlooked wedding details. Needless to say,there will be lots of details to remember. Wedding planning is no easy task. It’s nearly impossible not to forget some things.

No matter how many list you have put together likewise you’re going to forget things. Likewise,there are lots of folks out there giving advice on how to manage the wedding process.


Not to mention some are not afraid to charge above all , for some of this free advice.

For example one website I noticed is offering a free checklist. But then again only after you sign up with them. Now to get bombed with emails and text, from a ton of other vendors.

flowers, Stl wedding


Stl wedding photographer captures flower shot

As a result this blog I’m going to give you something for free. Totally free, no sign ups or emails. Above all, I am a Stl wedding photographer and I have been shooting weddings for over ten years. What I’m going to share with you is what I observed, and the most forgotten things at a wedding.

That is to say, I am sure you will have thought of most of these things; My purpose of writing about these is you might find one or two areas you may have over looked. As a St Louis wedding photographer I have seen many mishaps.

Finally let’s get started viewing the list. Noteworthy this list is not in any order I just jotted down what I recalled from any number of weddings.

Despite all the planning there’s always something that gets forgotten on wedding days.

1. Safety Pins

Yes safety pins. That is to say, you would not believe how loose those folks at the tuxedo store put in the men’s pants hems. Needless to say the bottom hem is always coming out. Let’s face it stuff breaks have some pins handy. Likewise, don’t forget an emergency kit as well, cuts, a poke, who knows.

2. Phone Charger

As a matter of fact taking lots of pictures will run your phone down fast. Have a phone charger or wall charger.

3. STL Bride and groom to-go boxes.

For this reason, ask your caterer to make bride and groom to-go boxes for you and your new husband to snack on later. With this in mind, late night snacks are the best.

4. Getting-ready clothes

Often times your photographer wants to get some shot of you getting ready. Even more, put some thought into what you will be wearing while you are getting ready. These shots are sometimes the best moments with your bridesmaids.

5. Vendor Contact information

More importantly you should have all of this information at your fingertips, something always comes up leaving brides scrambling for phone numbers. During the wedding process there is a lot of delegation not one person does it all so the contact information may be hard to find at a moment’s notice.

6.  Bad Weather

Always have a contingency plan for bad weather. That being the case have rain gear. Fall weddings can get cold needless to say bring a coat.

7. Appointing someone

Appointing someone you trust to deal with gifts and gift cards. I recommend doing this ahead of time.

8.  Accessories for the cake table

Even though most venues will do this, I will tell you one in five don’t and at cake cutting time we are missing the knife, spade, or plate. Buy your own if you can its personal and an iconic close-up photo.

9. Thank you notes

Subsequently, you make up your thank you note in advance the wedding photographer can get the shot of you two holding a big thank you sign that you can easily forward to your guest quick, through email of social media outlets.

hands,photographer st louis


STL wedding photographer takes hands shot

10. Budget for gratuity

Not to mention, pretty much a no brainier here but I have seen it time and again the bride and groom don’t have actual cash. Why would they, after all Its not like they are shopping. Some folks plan ahead with envelopes stuffed with cash for vendors. Don’t forget your ID’s too.

11. Uncle Harry

In short, make sure you don’t have an Uncle Harry running around behind the photographer snapping pics. Kindly remind them to leave the point and shoot at home. The photographer will be happy.

12. Time for florist

Similarly, this is a big one with lots of little stuff to remember. That is to say, have them delivered early so if they are running late you will get your flowers when the photographer is ready to shoot. Needless to say, make sure (if they are real), check the bottom of the bouquets is dry before picking them up to avoid getting your dress wet or possibly stained.

13. Check with guest food allergies

Actually, another no brainier most folks catch, but check with your guest for any dietary restrictions or possible allergies especially the little ones who seem too often get into everything.

14. Talk to vendors

Needless to say, this is always a good thing to do ahead of time don’t wait. Talk to your vendors about possible overtime and what they charge or need from you if you need them to stay longer.

15. Folks cry

First of all, folks cry a lot at wedding and you might too. For instance, think about water proof makeup or lashes to keep those eyes dry.

16. Garter

Have one you’ll need it for the toss.

17. Change of clothes

Certainty think this one through you will need a change of clothing, shoes, back-up shoes, and anything thing else personal. Kindly ask one of your bridesmaids to be in charge.

18. Welcome bags

This is for you’re out of town guest. Have a nice welcome bag for them at the hotel. It is too easy to leave them out with all that is going on that day. Your out of town guest should begin their experience when they arrive. Finally, give them all the details about the wedding, times, addresses, and just the pertinent information.  

19. Eat

Including you, yes you, have plenty of water at all times and some snacks. needless to say, it’s a stressful, and at times hectic day requiring a lot of energy from you.

20. Left side

For one thing, when you are heading down the aisle with your father you should be on his left side. Practice waking instep this is a great photo op. Likewise when facing the altar be on the grooms left side.

21. Receiving line

How are you going to greet your guest after the wedding if at all? Granted, if you are planning a receiving line, be aware they can take up a lot time. Even more, time is not your pal on the big day. Most noteworthy, they can take up to an hour depending on how many guests you have.

22. Ring box

In fact, a special ring box is always a great idea for the ring shot. More importantly, the photographer will love you for it and capturing your photos will be one to remember. For example, don’t give the rings to the best man; you will need them for the detail shots. Nevertheless,you will have to find a way to get the rings back to him after the shot.

23. Dress for the park

Consequently, If you are going to a park for wedding shots, consider different shoes or if you wear your heels get heel stoppers. As a result your heels can sink into the grass. Furthermore, don’t sit on the grass for a fancy photo without putting something down. Finally, you may want to bustle your dress while walking through the grass. Stains may spoil the rest of the day.

Granted, I think most of these are on someone’s list somewhere but I hope to have sparked your interest. Regardless these things do and will happen. Don’t worry though, it’s your special day and you are among good friends and family who will help you recover quickly if needed.



Hence the best advice I can offer to you is be rested and fresh for your big day. Above all, try to manage the delicate balance between knowing the day is stressful and knowing that it is about you, and even more your special moments.